Celebrating 7 Decades of Continuous Service to Central Virginia

Lynchburg Ready Mix was founded in 1947 by J.C. McCarthy, and shortly after in the early 1950’s, he also established its sister company, Bedford Ready Mix. His success was based on one simple idea: “Find a need and fill it.” This philosophy enabled Lynchburg Ready Mix to expand from one man with a vision and a few pieces of assorted equipment into today’s fleet of trucks and state-of-the art batch plants.

Before Mr. McCarthy retired in 1976, he hired Bobby O’Brian fresh out of college, who he eventually sold the business to, along with Bill Hodges. After Mr. Hodges retired in 1988, Bobby became the sole owner and President of Lynchburg Ready Mix. His unwavering dedication to his customers, always making sure that each and every one was 100% satisfied, was the driving factor that allowed for continued growth of the company and to help make it the leader that it is today in Central Virginia.

After a 50-year career at Lynchburg Ready Mix, Bobby retired as President of the company.  Today, his son, Robert O’Brian, (President) and his son-in-law, Jason Landes, (Vice President) continue to build on what was paved before them. Their combined experience, along with a team of great people at both Lynchburg and Bedford Ready Mix, allows them to continue to focus on the needs of every customer and to provide the best service and product available.